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What’s it like once you’ve been climbing towards your goals for awhile? We dive into the life of an entrepreneur who’s lived around the world and back. From the cushy tech life in San Francisco to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Wilson Lin has experienced what everyone dreams of. But what is it really like on the other side?

Mountain Climbing & Entrepreneurship – 2:00

What do mountain climbing and entrepreneurship have in common? The fact that you’re leaving something comfortable to do something difficult, where you have to keep persisting by putting one foot in front of another. Where does it start being different? When you realize you have to keep climbing. Wilson goes into his story, starting from his first business as a fishkeeper in high school to giving up his amazing tech job.

Multiple Businesses & EQ – 8:30

The digital nomad is free to travel and live where he or she pleases because their businesses allow them to be location free. But being comfortable actually is dangerous. Wilson goes into how he felt living the life, where his passive income funded his lifestyle, and what he’s done to keep himself growing since then.

Good Habits and Self Awareness – 14:36

How does a serial entrepreneur approach emotional intelligence? We dive into WIlson’s style of self awareness and what he’s done to build up strong habits for himself. From just a Fitbit, we go into the importance of patience, consistency and what an entrepreneur’s most important habit is.

Business Kills Passion – 24:40

Wilson believes that a misconception people have about turning their passion into their job is that they don’t realize how hard it gets. He himself has done this multiple times, where he turned a side hustle into a full time career. Motivation and pressure become a whole other ball game, one that we realize is unfamiliar territory given modern society.



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