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What is the point of training at a company? Usually the bigger the company, the more of these you see. And most of the time, they’re useless and distract you from your work. How did it get this bad? Do effective leaders really come out of these programs? I dive into the research and show you what you can do if you truly want to develop yourself.

Organizational Development Before Leadership Development – 2:16

Organizations can’t create leaders unless they’re aligned with the type of leaders they want. Attempt to do so while having a culture and bureaucracy that says otherwise will send leaders packing faster than you can say bye. This is also why people become cynical and why management gets disappointed whenever they launch a new program. Find out why this is.

The Inherent Problems with Leadership Programs Today – 11:32

The structure of most training programs today are not effective. Plenty of research says that what many companies use as training does next to nothing and is a waste of resources. Luckily, said research has also discovered what does work.

The One Reason Coaching Works in Leadership Development – 15:06

Having a coach gives you all the benefits of all the leadership programs that do work. From context to timing to even the relationship to business results, there are few programs that can beat having a good coach on your side.



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