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In a world that is increasingly being defined by the advances in technology, where do we as humans stand in all of this? Will emotional intelligence still be relevant? What perspectives or mindsets can we take to avoid being swept away by the constant waves of change? This episode answers all those questions and more.

The Past and Future of Work – 3:29

Technology has always impacted how we lived, both in education and in the work force. Here we take a look at the past, at how the norms of days long past still affect us know and also look forward, to seeing how certain technologies will once again revolutionize the job market.

Alternative Perspectives – 11:52

Given the political undertones with the labor market, it’s easy to get roped into seeing how black or white the world is. Here we apply emotional intelligence and develop multiple perspectives that you can take. If you’re someone being caught up in change, this could help you move forward.

The Truth Behind Age Learning – 16:27

Given the speed that technology advances, it’s easy to be ahead of the curve one year and then several years later be so behind that you wonder what happened. Couple this with the myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you get some resentment when technology transforms what is valuable in the job market. But here we drop some truth bombs around learning and age. After you hear this, you can’t use your age as an excuse anymore.



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