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One of the biggest saboteurs in the world comes from our very habits. How often have you let stress get to you and hinder you in some way? Maybe your health got hit. Or your productivity went down. Perhaps your relationships. The interesting part is how this all goes on underneath our awareness for so long.

This episode will give you a step up in liberating yourself from stress, so you only get the good kind.

The Real Impact of Stress – 2:14

We hear a lot about how bad stress is for you. But how bad is it? In what ways? If you think getting stressed out is the norm, learning what it can really do might make you think twice. From the effect it has your brain to what it can even do to your family, your stress is a beast you want to keep under control.

Really Using Perspective – 7:51

Why is stress required? What if it wasn’t? If stress became a habit then that means another habit could dethrone it. What kind of habit would that be and what would it take? Hint: it ain’t easy.

Expecting the Unexpected and Other Tips – 12:05

How do you stay ahead of stress? This is an art, one that you turn into a habit over time, since the battle against chronic stress is neverending. From your pre-sleep rituals to keeping a tidy life, there are ways for you to make sure you keep up your game.



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