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Why are you the average of the people closest to you? I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s been curious about that. From my own childhood memories to research that study how the people around us affect us, I offer a glimpse into how we’re impacted by others and why. And most important, how you can use your emotional intelligence to balance out what we call social contagion.

What is Social Contagion? 2:35

Have you ever noticed times when you pick up the mannerisms and habits of others? Perhaps you started talking similarly or you took on new behavior from others. We go into my childhood memories and also a few interesting studies that I picked out for their insights on this very effect.

The EQ and Biology of Social Contagion? 8:05

In regards to self awareness, you can put yourself through an interesting thought experiment by trying to source what has influenced you the most: those around you or who you were meant to be. This is a valuable exercise to do because you will want to know if what you think are your strengths is only due to the people around you. What if you had another set of talents that were being suppressed because you had a different vision of yourself?

To Those Around You – 15:45

What should you be doing when it comes to those around you? I can’t tell you exactly who to spend time with and how you should interact with each one of them. But there are a few perspectives to keep in mind when it comes to taking responsibility for yourself and how to see the people around you.



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