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For many people, holding yourself to high standards is a way to not fall into complacency. Some people even use this to push themselves. But when taken too far, this can do more harm than good for you. Unfortunately this happens more frequently and subtlety than we realize. How do you know when your inner critic is going too far?

The Types of Perfectionism – 5:07

Did you know that there are actually different types of perfectionism? They all have different effects on you and the people around you. One of them even is a huge factor in why you might not be as self aware as you could be!

Self Esteem Memories – 9:40

Interestingly enough, the factor that increases your self esteem and the one that decreases it most strongly are not the opposite of each other. Learn to see what they are and how you might use this human bias to your advantage.

Facing Your Inner Critic – 11:06

At the end of the day, we all bash ourselves. From what we heard in the first half of this episode, this does more harm than good. What can you do to overcome this? I go over several actionable steps that you can do right away to make a difference in your self narrative.



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