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You’ve been hearing about self awareness and how important it is to have. But this is easier said than done. Why is that? What exactly makes it so difficult for you to achieve a higher level of this amazing quality? We go over that and more so that you can deepen your understanding of this kind of emotional intelligence.

The Cost of Low Self Awareness – 4:01

The opposite of self awareness is being a zombie. Unaware of how you spend your time or interact with your goals/other people, you easily lose sight of where you are going. While habits exist for your brain to automate certain activities, what if you’re automating the wrong ones? How does that affect you over time?

Criticism and Self Esteem – 7:30

The perspectives of others make for great data for who you are. But can you take the criticism of others? In fact, can you enable them to give you their true thoughts? There is also your self esteem to take in consideration. Can self esteem and self awareness actually be opposites?

The Fast Paced Life – 14:29

With our connected world, it’s easy to get caught up in an endless stream of tasks and people. But what’s truly necessary for self awareness is the time and space to reflect on yourself and what you’ve been doing. How do we enable that, even when we live in the busiest of cities?



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