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Thinking about the past is something we all do. After all, that is how we learn from our mistakes. But those who allow that to dominate their lives do so at a great cost. This is a hallmark example of what happens when you let your thoughts get the better of you.  Can you really afford to stay stuck in the past? This episode is about just that and how you can finally move on.

Reason for Rumination – 2:24

Why do we get so hung up in the past in the first place? Our brains are actually set up to create a vicious cycle of thoughts that keep us stuck. And the scary part is that in our heads, doing this all makes sense. We feel like we’re doing something about our lives. But in fact, nothing is actually happening. See if you can catch yourself doing this.

Letting the Past Dominate the Present – 6:25

When you ruminate, there are costs to doing so. They will affect both your personal life and your work life. Your brain actually functions differently depending on how used you are to this and this is not the good kind of different. From losing your ability to think outside the box to having your relationships take a hit, these are all reasons why you want to be more aware of this happening in your life.

When Detours Become Meaningful – 9:10

Distractions are touted as the best way to escape rumination. But there is more to the story than that. The type of distraction and how engaged you are makes a world of difference. And the kind of impact it has on you will determine whether or not you go back to ruminating or if you can finally put the past behind you for good.



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