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When it comes to solving problems, how important can emotional intelligence be? Today, we explore that question and how much of an impact developing your EQ can have in the areas of decision making, mentorship and negotiation.

Perspective – 3:03

Why is this the most important part of problem solving? There will be many times when it seems like you have too much going on at once. At that point it’s almost a wonder if you don’t get tunnel vision on what you do. But with developing self awareness and objectivity, you can start to see different angles of the situation. And that could make all the difference, especially in the two stories I mention.

Decision Making – 10:03

When there are many external pressures on you, what happens to the quality of your decisions? What is the difference between the fastest or temporary solution and diving into the root of issue? See how applied in one of the most iconic management changes of the past century and also in my investing career.

Mentorship – 14:37

When you’re in charge of others, how do you develop them? Or more specifically, what questions do you teach them to ask? Follow a famous experiment as we differentiate between problem solvers and problem finders.

Negotiation – 17:05

See how I managed to apply emotional intelligence in a deal I made with my dad! When it comes to sales or other meetings, facing intense emotions, such as experiencing rejection, is an everyday occurrence. How do you deal with yourself when those come up? What if there was another approach you could take?




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