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What does EQ have to do with poker? A lot actually. We invite professional poker player, commentator and team manager, Ricky Guan here to talk about a side of the game that you’ve never seen before. From his past had an impact to what he’s learned throughout his journey, you’ll definitely discover new perspectives you never had.

Lessons from Sales and Business – 2:51

From being a kid at the flea market to how he approached retail owners as a college student, Ricky has grown up in sales. Find out what he’s learned from that and how that’s even affected several other parts of his life.

Poker Player Mistakes – 8:15

What kind of non technical mistakes do even the best players in the world make? Surprise surprise, you probably also make them. Ricky shares about how he’s able to deal with the roller coaster that people like him have to go through. Whether it’s rejection from a sales call or suffering a big loss, Ricky has a mindset that’s rare even among top performers in the world.

Turning Pressure into Passion – 15:52

What does Ricky tell himself when he’s at the final tables, where only the best remain? Those who experience pressure also tend to tunnel vision, both in the midst of a game and on a macro level with choosing a direction in life. His answer to that actually led to the narrative he’s forged for himself.

Ricky the Headmaster – 23:20

Part of the story that Ricky is creating for himself is his poker team “Young Wizards” where he discovers talented players and provides a great deal of mentorship and support for them. He views this as giving back and why to him, this feels like his greatest accomplishment to date.



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