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There is this thing called gratitude which we have all been hearing about for awhile now. We know we should have more of it. But there is so much more here than what most people realize. From how gratitude can boost your career to how it’s been used throughout history to what you can do to have more it, we dive into all of that here in this episode. You don’t want to miss it.

The benefits of gratitude: 4:00

You hear that gratitude is good to have. But how good is it really? The answer is quite a bit! There is a myriad of studies out there that cover the reasons why gratitude is great for you, in every aspect. From your heart (quite literally) to your ability to engage your employees, if you were ever a skeptic or thought gratitude was cliche, you might have a different perspective after this.

The different perspectives of gratitude 7:30

The best part of EQ is looking at a topic from different angles. We go into religion, history, philosophy and of course, neuroscience as we go over what roles gratitude has played and will continue to play in our lives.

How to have more of it – 13:10

Having a system is far more helpful to help you develop a mindset instead of only relying on thinking yourself to be more grateful. I go over all the different ways I’ve learned to incorporate more gratitude practice into your life. One ten second practice in particular can even make your day.



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