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What is one thing we admire so much from entrepreneurs? Their culture. But whether you work in corporate or in a startup, culture is a living and breathing enigma that needs constant attention. What makes a culture work? What kills it? And what can you do? We answer all of that right here, right now.

Entrepreneurial Tendencies and Trust – 2:06

Just in case you didn’t already know, having entrepreneurial characteristics can do great things for your company. But how do you create that? You have to start with trust. I go into where trust really comes from (aka the neuroscience behind it) and what you can do to create more of it with the people around you in the workplace.

The Culture Killer: Politics – 9:49

On the other side of the spectrum, let’s dive into what creates a culture you don’t want to be a part of. How would you define politics? What’s the real impact of it? Once we get a clear picture of what this is, we can start to figure out how to avoid it. Of course, emotional intelligence plays a crucial role here in what you can do to stop the vicious cycle of politics from recurring.

Confrontation and Accountability – 17:37

To prevent politics and create trust, you’ll have to start developing your people to confront others and hold them accountable. Yes this can be quite comfortable but this is also necessary. Why is this important? If you want to create real progress, you’ll find that sometimes, butting heads creates magic.



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