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Emotional intelligence is a term that has been widely talked about. Its applications range from personal relationships to the most successful businesses in the world. Yet there isn’t that much focus on it. The first episode of this show explores its importance and what’s at stake here.

What is so important about EQ? 00:57

Here we talk about what kind of impact emotional intelligence has on things like your job performance, leadership success or your ability to be great at sales. Find out the interesting relationship between IQ and EQ. And guess what? EQ isn’t only relevant for boosting one’s career. I tell a personal story about why you cannot succeed as an entrepreneur without it.

Why aren’t we emotionally intelligent already? 05:29

The reason why we aren’t more emotionally intelligent isn’t our fault. Rather this is due to the messages society tells us. From how we were raised as children to how we are programmed as human beings, there is a great deal working against us when it comes to raising our level of EQ.

What do you miss out on if you don’t raise your EQ? 09:14

There is a lot you can miss out on if you never work on your emotional intelligence.

How do you begin to raise your EQ? 13:28

Self awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. Part of being self aware is recognizing the narratives we tell ourselves. Learn what you can do to start noticing these narratives and stop them from hurting your relationships, both personal and work



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