Welcome to the Hidden Strengths Podcast’s First Giveaway!

For a simple review, you have a lot to gain.

Why Am I Doing This?

The Hidden Strengths Podcast is a show I created as a way to get the word out there about how crucial emotional intelligence is and how there is a lack of focus on this in our world. Only a few really take the time to benefit from developing their EQ, whereas the rest of the world is programmed not to.

I study the academic research done so far in neurobiology, psychology and other social sciences and combine that lessons learned from successful business people in both the corporate and startup world to share with you the gems of EQ.

Each episode analyzes where the topic comes from and leaves you with actionable tips to help you improve your EQ.

Getting The Word Out There Is What It’s All About.

I’ve only gotten more excited about this podcast since I’ve launched it and I want you to be a part of this journey. I’m doing a giveaway with over $1000 in prizes (look below for details!) and all you have to do is submit a review by following the steps below.

Here Are The Dates:

This giveaway will run from 12/27/2017 until 1/31/2018. All winners will be announced at that time and also in the following week’s episode. Don’t lose out and submit your entry now!

Here’s What You Can Win By Entering

1st Place Prize: The lucky winner gets a whole month of coaching sessions with me in my standard weekly package. ($950 value).

2nd Place Prize: A free ELI assessment plus debriefing session. If you’ve never heard of this assessment, check it out here!. Taking this assessment has a great deal of potential in raising your EQ! ($150 value).

3rd Place Prize: A $50 Amazon gift card, perfect to stock on any books you’ve heard me recommend!

Follow These Simple Steps to Enter:

1. Click this link to go to my iTunes podcast page.

2. Click on the blue button that says “View in iTunes” like below.

3. If you get prompted to launch iTunes, open it up.

4. Click on the Subscribe button like below.

5. Click on “Ratings and Reviews” and then click the “Write a Review” button.

6. Then you’ll get a popup where you can leave a simple and honest review about what you’ve heard on my podcast.

7. After you submitted it, all you need now is to fill out the form below so I know that you entered into the giveaway!

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