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In this special episode, I interview an old friend of mine who has chased after multiple passions successfully in a short amount of time. We dive into how he got into these passions, what made him transition from one into the other and talk about how emotional intelligence came into the picture later in his career.

Jae’s Story – 1:51

From his middle school days to actually seeing his passions turn into something he could do for a living, Jae tells quite a story about how he went through several phases with multiple careers.

The Big Transition – 15:57

We dive into how Jae made the switch from music to design work. From laying down the foundation to putting in the blood, sweat and tears, Jae delivers on how he successfully switched careers in a very short amount of time and still manages to love what he does every day.

How Emotional Intelligence Grew His Perspective – 23:54

Here we talk a little bit about how he started thinking about self awareness and empathy. Jae picked those up and has since used them as a way to navigate the political landscape that we all experience in our careers. He lays out how he used to be and how he has since developed his EQ.

Jae’s Take on Meditation – 29:24

Having been against meditation in the past, Jae has now become a fan of mindfulness meditation. We talk about why it has been so useful for him and why you might want to revisit what you think you know about meditation.



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