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What are the secrets to motivation? This is a question that haunts everyone with a goal. While no one has all the answers, here are a few that many people overlook when they approach their goals. If you have found yourself struggling with finding motivation, you’ll appreciate the different tips here.

The Different Types of Motivation – 3:49

What are the different types of motivation? What’s the difference between internal and intrinsic? When you break down your goals into their basic elements, you’ll find that you’ll have different motivations depending on the goal. Which type of goals will fuel you more? These are all questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

Timing Your Motivation – 11:14

We tend to schedule our work with convenience in mind. But what about our motivation? There is a lot here that we should be thinking when it comes timing, from the time of day to more macro levels like the time of year we decide to start something.

Planning vs Doing – 16:40

Have you ever thought about whether you’re a better planner or a better doer? Chances are, you are excellent at planning but not so great at the doing part. We don’t think about this distinction enough; yet once we separate these two sides into their own roles, we realize that the doing part needs far more attention and setup in order to succeed.



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