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When you’re hustling and grinding to make your business succeed, what are the pitfalls that can trip you up? I invite Marc Mawhinney to discuss the struggles of entrepreneurship and what you can do to avoid the traps that many starting out fall into. Learn the magic number of how long it takes to succeed with a new business strategy and Marc’s secret to success.

From Real Estate to Coaching – 3:25

Marc tells the story of what he started out doing and the lessons he took away from his first career and business when he went through a couple of business failures. Find out why he’s grateful for those failures (hint: if everyone likes you, then you’re doing something wrong) and what his biggest takeaway was, which happened to be one that was very emotionally intelligent.

Developing Both A Tough Skin and Empathy – 8:30

From his perspective through his failures and his experiences with the media, Marc has developed an unique perspective on empathy. What is it and how he did develop it? His favorite book also played a role here, one that he says is a must-read for every entrepreneur. He also emphasizes how anything can be turned into a business.

Lessons of Patience and Self Narratives – 14:40

From his experience in two different industries, how long did it take Marc to gain some traction in both businesses? That led to our discussion on what derails many entrepreneurs and what are some tips that people can do to avoid those pitfalls.



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