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When it comes to expectations, there is a lot that we take for granted everyday. But when you take a moment to take a good hard look at your expectations, you may start to wonder why you have them. In this episode, I dive into a few areas where you might want to think twice about what you expect from them.

Should You Settle For Less? – 3:28

When it comes your expectations, should you lower them if you’re constantly being disappointed? Or is there another approach you can take? I draw from an ancient philosophy that has resurged in recent years to address this.

Your Life’s Passions – 6:20

There are many misunderstandings around finding your passion and making it your career. With this, I look to see what science and research have to offer when it comes to this, inspired by a former McKinsey consultant turned researcher.

Expectations of Your Team – 14:45

In your day to day, you will almost always be working with other people. How you manage your expectations with these people will play a big part in how effective and happy you’ll be at your position. Here are some common pitfalls and what you can do to avoid them.



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