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How easy it is to wake up one day and realize how you haven’t been focusing on what’s important. But now it’s become difficult to break out of the pattern. How do you get out and really focus on what moves the needle in your life? This episode focuses on priorities and how to execute on them.

The One Thing – 2:42

We reference the amazing book The One Thing to give you a way to hammer down on what you can do now to accomplish great things in the future. We also throw out the idea of balance here. Hopefully, these two lead you to go beyond any constraints you think you have to live with.

The Power of Purpose – 5:30

Science has proven how important it is to have purpose in your life. From Alzheimer’s to corporate stock performance, you want to have a purpose to keep you driven. But how do you get one? I ask a few questions here that will jump start your way into getting one. Maybe even two, three or four!

How to Tame Time –  9:23

Humans are innately bad at perceiving time. So many factors can mess this up for us. Yet when we talk about managing our most precious resource, time, we don’t think about these factors. Of course, there are always ways around obstacles like these and they can prove to be quite productive to learn.

The Last Bastion – 16:46

Even with all the time you’ve carved out for yourself and your purpose, life is always going to get in the way. How do you account for those? Surprisingly, the answers are inside you and give you more resilience than you give yourself credit for.



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