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Why do people fail at creating new habits? By nature, we are not meant to plan so far ahead. We can certainly lay out the framework for achieving a new goal but executing is a whole other story. There is a lot to explore here and emotional intelligence has a surprising role in all of this.

What is working against us? 4:52

From our brains to society to even technology, there are many factors that stop us from acting effectively in the long term. This is one of the cases where acting on your natural instincts isn’t the best move since you aren’t naturally programmed to delay gratification. Surprisingly humans are the only ones with the capability but there needs to be some tweaking. It also doesn’t help how we are programmed in the modern day world.

Why you should still focus on the long term – 11:07

In spite of the many forces working against us, there are still many reasons to think long term. From the business world to investing and even to getting out of feeling stuck, thinking and acting long term can provide quite a bit of upside.

The dark side of going long – 16:58

Two emotional intelligence clusters, self-regulation and empathy play a huge role in confronting conflict. What really makes conflict difficult? What about us makes it hard to deal with conflict? I discuss a few strategies here to explore how you can add value to your work by being able to resolve conflicts.

Becoming more long term oriented – 18:08

Here I offer three ways to shift your perspective. Unsurprisingly, these are all tips I’ve struggled with in the past, so I know how effective they can be when you really apply them.



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