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Becoming jaded just comes with age and experience. As you grow wiser, you gain a sense for what is trustworthy or not. But how much does bias play a role? How could that hold you back? There is an art here to picking out the times to be jaded and the times to move forward. That is what this episode is all about.

Getting Screwed Over and Beyond – 3:11

Unless you’ve been extremely lucky in your life so far, you’ve run into times when you were thrown under the bus. Naturally that would lead to distrust. I go through a personal example here and also what I learned from it.

The Opportunity Costs – 8:30

Here we get into the fun part. The concept of being jaded and losing trust resonates a lot with what entrepreneurs have to deal with. In a general sense, this actually applies to anyone who starts a new initiative. In scenarios like these, being jaded can be seen as taking the easy way out. Because it’s in the long hard game that success rings true.

Distrust at the Organizational Level – 16:00

When you look into the biology of trust and distrust, you realize that they are separate elements that can actually co-exist. This also applies at an organizational and even an societal level. From the types of professionals and organizations we have, to even what the lack of trust can do to a country, these are all matters that any leader must keep in mind as they lead their people.



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