The Hidden Strengths Podcast

The Costs of Being Jaded – 029

Becoming jaded just comes with age and experience. As you grow wiser, you gain a sense for what is trustworthy or not. But how much does bias play a role? How could that hold you back? There is an art here to picking out the times to be jaded and the times to move forward. That is what this episode is all about.

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Ask Mike #2 – The Keys to Delegation and Listening

The two questions today are based on two very common struggles that I’ve seen as a coach. They are delegation and listening. I give some different perspectives because you’ve probably endless listicles on both of these. So take a listen and see what you can apply to your own life. Enjoy!

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Entrepreneur Toughness with Marc Mawhinney – 028

When you’re hustling and grinding to make your business succeed, what are the pitfalls that can trip you up? I invite Marc Mawhinney to discuss the struggles of entrepreneurship and what you can do to avoid the traps that many starting out fall into. Learn the magic number of how long it takes to succeed with a new business strategy and Marc’s secret to success.

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What It Takes To Find A Passion – 027

How do you actually find a passion? From graduation speeches to your favorite celebrities, everyone says to find your passion. But no one actually tells you how to do it. But what if you could put a framework on this? What if there was an actual science towards finding your passion? Turns out, there is. Find out today on this episode.

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What It Takes To Create Purpose – 026

What is purpose? How do you get one? Is it really worth having? You might know that having a purpose is something you’d want but do you what it really takes to find one? As we go into some counter-intuitive research, you can pick up a few scientifically proven tips to find your own. Spoiler alert – it’s not going to be easy. But that makes it all the more worth it.

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Diving Into Gratitude – 025

There is this thing called gratitude which we have all been hearing about for awhile now. We know we should have more of it. But there is so much more here than what most people realize. From how gratitude can boost your career to how it’s been used throughout history to what you can do to have more it, we dive into all of that here in this episode. You don’t want to miss it.

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Freedom From A Victim Mindset – 023

What do you think is the most common mindset in the world? Unfortunately the answer isn’t a great one but that doesn’t mean we’re all doomed for failure. Victim mindsets are programmed into us due to a variety of factors. Learn how to look out for it in yourself and others, as well as how you can find alternative perspectives to take.

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Addiction, Pain and EQ – 022

This episode goes real deep as we explore the topics of addiction and trauma as it relates to emotional intelligence. There are some surprising insights that will get you thinking about what has impacted you in the past. And while you won’t find the cure for addictions here, you will come away with questions worth spending some time over

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Persisting Through Pressure – 021

How do you get things done when there’s a ton of pressure bearing down on you? When you bring your head up to breathe and take a look around, you may start to be more aware of how you perform under pressure. What can affect you? And how can you work with pressure? If this is something you haven’t thought about, here’s your chance.

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What Is This Show About?

What can you do with emotional intelligence? What would your personal relationships, career or business look like if you developed more of your EQ? This podcast will take you through the science and the stories of how you are capable of more than you think.