The Hidden Strengths Podcast

Life’s A Game – 048

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if it was a game? Surprisingly, this perspective can help you gain more self awareness and cause you to approach situations differently. Some people take this to the next level with something you may have heard called gamification. Imagine being able to have fun challenging yourself while improving. But the big question is, does that actually work?

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How We Deny The World – 047

Self sabotage. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re doing it. Other times, we even wish for it. Is that really what we do sometimes? Is that where denial comes from? We explore all of that in this episode. Find out the more common kind of denial that even you go through and what you do sometimes to make the world make sense.

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The Myth Behind Our Incentive Driven World – 046

When you stop and think, you might realize that much of our world is motivated by incentives. Salary raises, getting our ideal body image, keeping up a good public image as well as everything else in life. You even hear about reality TV shows where people get rewarded or punished depending on if they hit a weight goal. So do incentives really work? Or have we been lied to our whole lives?

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Listening – 045

Biology makes you a pretty mediocre listener. You might have heard about how important this skill is…but if combine how your brain works with how you were raised, you get someone who was never truly taught how to listen.

Also, find out what are the levers that raise or eat away at your listening skills. Some of them you might already have heard of but there is definitely one that never occurred to you. All of this and more in this episode that goes more in depth than anything before it.

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The Real Way To Be Proactive – 044

“Be proactive.” That’s a buzzword you hear all the time. And when you do, you just think it means to take initiative. But that word has a deeper meaning than just that. In this episode, you’ll get to find out how I first learned about this through my deep dark teenage years, how I relearned it and why if you or your company doesn’t understand this, that’s raising a death flag.

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Before The Past Takes Over – 043

Thinking about the past is something we all do. After all, that is how we learn from our mistakes. But those who allow that to dominate their lives do so at a great cost. This is a hallmark example of what happens when you let your thoughts get the better of you. Can you really afford to stay stuck in the past? This episode is about just that and how you can finally move on.

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A Sight You’ve Never Seen with Wilson Lin – 042

What’s it like once you’ve been climbing towards your goals for awhile? We dive into the life of an entrepreneur who’s lived around the world and back. From the cushy tech life in San Francisco to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Wilson Lin has experienced what everyone dreams of. But what is it really like on the other side?

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Does Low EQ Mean Less Money For You? – 041

Are you in control of your money or is your money in control of you? I realized each individual has very different thoughts and feelings when it came to money. And because of that, most people don’t realize that your EQ actually has a strong relationship with how you approach your personal finances. Find out how this is possible and how your mindset can really determine how rich you can become.

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Why Leadership Development Programs Fail – 040

What is the point of training at a company? Usually the bigger the company, the more of these you see. And most of the time, they’re useless and distract you from your work. How did it get this bad? Do effective leaders really come out of these programs? I dive into the research and show you what you can do if you truly want to develop yourself.

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Why You Decide on Misery – 039

Making decisions can be one of the most difficult things you do every day. You know that already but what about the decisions that you don’t make? What about the times when you stick to the status quo? Whether or not you’re aware of it, you’re still making a decision. Here’s the science and the real cost of that.

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What Is This Show About?

What can you do with emotional intelligence? What would your personal relationships, career or business look like if you developed more of your EQ? This podcast will take you through the science and the stories of how you are capable of more than you think.