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Studies show that the biggest companies in the world do better with women leaders. Why is that? How do men fit into the picture? In this special interview, we explore the biggest misconceptions around the gender divide and how we can all work together to increase awareness. Whether or not your business can remain competitive depends on it.

Journeying Into The Gender Divide – 2:15

From the corporate world to being downsized to getting a Ph.D, Dr. Andrews went through many roles in her career. Find out how she started her coaching/speaking business and what inspired her to get into the work she does now, which revolves around leadership and the gender divide. What are the biggest misconceptions here?

What Will It Take To Close The Gap? – 8:27

Researchers predict that it will take over a century to close this enormous gender gap. I couldn’t believe this and we talk about why. We also touch upon the potential that Millennials and future generations have to speed this up. From the Athena Doctrine to the old boy’s network, we explore what kind of barriers exist and what we all have to do together in order to break them down.

Emotional Intelligence, Holding Back and Useful Data – 23:45

Some barriers go back to EQ, especially when you hold yourself back. We dive into the details of emotional intelligence and what role it plays. We also find out how different each gender tends to be in the different areas within emotional intelligence. How are we treated by others differently because of that?

The Biggest Barrier: Biases – 35:55

Passed down from generation to generation and reinforced by society, this is the greatest obstacle to breaking down the gender divide. This is because they are so ingrained in both our brains and culture. For both businesses and us as individuals, how can we disrupt these biases and bring our awareness to a whole new level?



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