What does a business coach do anyway?

I help business owners and leaders develop the skills necessary to take them from where they are now to where they want to be. I work with clarifying your vision and purpose before helping you diagnose which issues your business has. Then that’s where I support you in developing the skills necessary to create the right solutions. This is more of a partnership, where I am here to support, challenge and have you grow into someone who would no longer need me.

As a coach, I pride myself on my clients no longer needing my services after I work with them.


What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

Consultants are there to analyze all the different parts of your business and provide recommendations based on their expertise. If you don’t have the skills, they provide theirs for you. They are more like an advisor telling you to do this or do that. What coaches work on instead is you. They develop your skills, brainstorm with you on various issues and work on mindset issues such as limiting beliefs and self-awareness. They are more partners who support you and ensure you’re following through on your plans.


What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapists are there to help those who want to be released from their past. They work with their patients on how their challenges came to be and how to move past them. Coaches are more future oriented in that they want to optimize their client’s present state of being to be more aligned with their future goals.


Does coaching actually make a difference?

Everyone, even the CEOs of the biggest companies of the world, has blind spots. That’s why leaders like Eric Schimdt, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all had coaches. Each person has their own perspectives, bias and beliefs, whether or not they are aligned with their goals. What I can do as a coach is help you realize what thoughts/behaviors could be self sabotaging and help you move past them.


Who are some of your clients?

I’ve worked with various CEOs, entrepreneurs as well as mid level management as they built their businesses or careers up to what they envisioned. Whether they wanted to take their businesses to the next level or make a mid-career pivot, I have worked with them to reach beyond their initial goals.


How are you qualified?

Coaching is an unregulated industry. That being said, I underwent intensive coaching training with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). After I got certified under iPEC, I also got certified by the ICF, the largest governing body of coaching globally. Aside from the CPC and ACC, I also hold the ELI-MP certification, which allows me to give and debrief the Energy Leadership Index assessment. I also hold a Bachelor and Masters of Science from Binghamton University’s School of Management.


Why should I choose you?

You don’t have to. Coaching depends a lot on the chemistry between coach and client. If I don’t think we would be a good fit for each other, I would stop and give you referrals on other coaches who could help you better. There are many coaches out there and you should take a look around first.

When I ask my past clients for testimonials, I give them no basis on what they should say. Check them out and see if what they say resonates with you and where you want to be.


Why did you become a coach?

I have always been a leadership junkie as a kid. Then through my adult life, I became surrounded by more and more entrepreneurs. As they built their businesses, they often came to me for guidance. After asking them why, I realized I possessed the qualities of a coach. As I delved into coaching, I found the work to be immensely satisfying and I’ve been at it since. When you succeed in achieving goals you didn’t think were possible, I get a kick out of it too.


How much does coaching cost?

I will be honest with you, my rates are not inexpensive. The business owners and executives I work with end up going beyond what they thought they could do. If a return on investment is what you’re looking for, let’s have a conversation and I show you how I calculate my ROI.


How can I reach you?

Please click here to contact me. If you’re interested in setting up a free strategy session, please apply through here. You can also find me at MikeXHuang on various social media.

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