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Biology makes you a pretty mediocre listener. You might have heard about how important this skill is…but if combine how your brain works with how you were raised, you get someone who was never truly taught how to listen.

Also, find out what are the levers that raise or eat away at your listening skills. Some of them you might already have heard of but there is definitely one that never occurred to you. All of this and more in this episode that goes more in depth than anything before it.

Why You’re A Bad Listener – 1:33

Did you ever there is a difference in speed between how fast you can talk and how fast you can think? Or did you ever know that reading ability, which is highly focused on in school, has little to do how good of a listener are you? This is only the tip of the iceberg for why you should think twice before bragging about being a great listener.

The Costs Of Being A Bad Listener – 5:22

In some industries, the cost of acquiring new customers is 5x the cost of keeping one. The people who manage these relationships make or break these costs. What happens when you put empathy and stress into the equation? And who are the best people to have in these kind of situations?

PC and Mindfulness 11:10

Turns out, how person centered your support is makes a big difference in whether or not you’re being received as a good listener. Do you know the difference between high PC and low PC? And what happens when you’re just too tired to be a listener? Lucky for you, there is a silver bullet here.



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