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I bring you the first interview ever of the Hidden Strengths podcast! With this episode, I’m talking to Mark Schall, who has been both a mentor and an inspiration to me on my coaching journey. He draws upon a ton of experience to talk about what impact emotional intelligence has had on both his life and the life of those around him. There was no better person to go to for my first interview. Please enjoy.

Mark’s Story – 2:19

The idea of life coaching and executive coaching only became prominent in recent years. Yet this guy made it a business for two decades now. How did he do it? What inspired him to go about such a path? Let’s go to the moment when Mark finds what he is truly meant to do and what he had to go through to get there.

Coaching and Emotional Awareness – 7:30

Here Mark talks about how he sees people develop when they become coaches. Find out what you get as a result of being a coach. Then we move to Mark’s thoughts about how we normally approach our emotions versus what he thinks is a healthier way of doing so. Even though emotions seem very subjective and hard to put a finger to, find out why Mark thinks of them as data, “1s and 0s”.

Expectations – 11:04

Mark shares a moment where he had to wrestle with what many people do: a stable job or doing what you want to do. We dive into the power that expectations can have over us and what we can do to differentiate between expectations and our own desires.

Developing Self Awareness – 18:00

Coaching is the best way to develop self awareness. But it’s not readily accessible to everyone. So what other ways are there? Mark shares his ideas here.

A New Way of Seeing How You Respond to Feedback – 23:50

One of the most life changing principles I learned was in diving into why I react the way I do to certain situations. We dive into how that is applicable to work moments when you’re a manager of a team or maybe when you see someone flip you off on the road. There’s also a funny story around here when Mark admits to when he vented some anger out on his Amazon Alexa.




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