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Who doesn’t love a great story? You’ve probably read, watched or listened to many of them. But what about the stories you tell yourself? This episode dives into limiting narratives, their impact on you and how you can use your emotional intelligence to overcome them.

The Four Stories You’re Telling Yourself That Limit You – 4:45

What kind of stories could hold you back? Find out how your self limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations and inner critics can show up in your life and have you sabotage yourself.

The Neurobiology of Your Self Narratives – 8:21

If I told you that you were programmable, what would you think? Now what if your stories have already programmed you without you realizing? There is a great deal of neurobiology happening behinds the scenes of emotional intelligence. This is where the science occurs and why you are going to want to rewrite certain stories.

How Subjective or Objective Are You, Really? – 11:05

When it comes to ourselves, we are quite horribly incompetent at distinguishing between what is subjective and what is objective. Many of the stories we tell ourselves may not be objective but we warp them so they become truths in our minds. This is how we can start to develop awareness of what we tell ourselves.

Looking at the source of your stories – 13:27

One of the best ways to debunk the stories that hold you back is to go to the source of them. That is how you can start to break down their validity and how much they don’t make sense. And even better, they’re an avenue towards getting to know yourself better, developing that all too coveted self awareness.

Potential new stories – 16:24

Once you develop an awareness of these stories, you can begin to replace them with others. But what should you be telling yourself? That is a very individualized question but there are some general answers that could be interesting to use as a basis for a new story.



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