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Did you know that people actually die from a weak EQ? Ok, maybe things aren’t that bad. But your emotional intelligence is tied to your habits and behaviors, which make a difference in your lifestyle choices. If you make ones that harm you, then you might not do so well in the long run. Let’s dive into the research that is arguing this and see what you can do today to avoid this pitfalls.

Sources of Failure – 3:40

From the abstinence failure effect to our personal standards, there is a lot of counterintuitive occurrences in our lives that impact our self regulation. Depending on the situation, they can become triggers for self regulation failure. What are they and what can we do to control them?

Strengthening Your Weakest Moments – 11:48

How do you work on improving your self regulation? The answer is not going to be an easy one. You have to work out on it, like a muscle. Consistency is more important than trying to go for instant gratification. While every stressful situation will continue to test you, once your self regulation becomes a habit, things will get easier.



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