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How do you get things done when there’s a ton of pressure bearing down on you? When you bring your head up to breathe and take a look around, you may start to be more aware of how you perform under pressure. What can affect you? And how can you work with pressure? If this is something you haven’t thought about, here’s your chance.

The Difference Between Pressure and Stress – 3:57

Sometimes feeling stressed out and feeling a ton of pressure feel the same. But they serve different purposes and require different reactions. There are many ways to deal with stress but they probably won’t help you in a situation where you have to perform. Find out what the difference is so you don’t make this common mistake.

The Traps of Pressure – 8:55

Pressure is surprisingly counterintuitive. Many of the methods we use to help others against pressure end up backfiring much of the time. These are what we call traps. What are they and why do they backfire?

How To Deal With Pressure – 15:56

Now that you’re more aware of what pressure is and some of the misunderstandings surrounding it, what should you do? Here I go over several tips and tricks that you can take action on the next time you feel pressure.



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