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Are you in control of your money or is your money in control of you? I realized each individual has very different thoughts and feelings when it came to money. And because of that, most people don’t realize that your EQ actually has a strong relationship with how you approach your personal finances. Find out how this is possible and how your mindset can really determine how rich you can become.

Your Attitude Towards Money – 3:50

What has an impact on your attitude towards money? And what are the different attitudes out there? Even though these are topics that are rarely discussed, we go through what effect money has on different people. Of course, there’s going to be some myth debunking thanks to our knowledge of emotional intelligence.

EQ and Investing – 10:16

Strong investor behavior has been found to correspond with high levels of EQ. Even though you hear here and there about the psychology of investing, people overly focus on biases and not so much on self awareness and self regulation.

Changing Your Mindset – 13:42

What is the cost of never being aware of how we approach money? We focus only paying back debt, making sure we make our bills and making sure we can go on vacation. But when we limit ourselves to just these discussions, we also limit ourselves to how we broaden our perspective. Are we sure that we are playing by the rules we set for ourselves instead of what others have?

Bonus: I give you a set of questions that will make you realize that you never truly thought about money before.



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