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What would a high EQ actually look like for you at your job? This episode paints a picture of several areas where you can develop the skills that may not be as technical but are just as important. Using the different emotional intelligences as a starting point, you can start to add value to your work in ways you may not have thought of before.

The Power of Self Awareness in Building A Career Brand – 5:11

Here I dive into the importance of thinking about all the aspects of your career so you know where you stand. From there, you can start mapping out different routes you want to take. I also introduce a branding strategy called the Law of Category here and how you should set yourself up for it. There’s more to work than just your technical ability.

Contributing to a Team – 11:20

What do teams really want out of you? How do you know if a team is the right fit for you? How do you know if you’re leading your team correctly? A key signal here is how ideas are treated. I talk about leadership skills here and what you can do to acquire a crucial skill that will save your team time and energy.

Conflict Resolution – 15:04

Two emotional intelligence clusters, self-regulation and empathy play a huge role in confronting conflict. What really makes conflict difficult? What about us makes it hard to deal with conflict? I discuss a few strategies here to explore how you can add value to your work by being able to resolve conflicts.



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