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“For nothing is ever good or evil…but thinking makes it so.” This quote by Shakespeare rings true for everything in life, including EQ. Even something as crucial and human as emotional intelligence is to success and happiness, it has a dark side. Since I’m all about the perspective, I dive into the side of EQ you don’t see as much. Beware the darkness.

The Darkness Within – 4:28

For some people, they may be highly sensitive and emotionally perceptive naturally. This gives them a head start in developing their EQ. But what if they never do and remain in this state? When negativity descends on someone who doesn’t know how to process what they know, what happens?

EQ and Manipulation – 8:00

You can be emotionally intelligent and still be immoral. Time and time again, we get reminded that EQ is a skillset, not a signal to one’s character. Most people tend to use it to help achieve happiness for themselves and for others. A few deviants choose to use it to inflict damage. Find out how they do this, especially how one historical dictator used his to great effect.

Protecting Yourself – 14:29

If you don’t want to be manipulated, then it’s time to develop your own emotional intelligence. The higher your EQ, the less likely you’ll fall into the rhythm of someone else’s game. Asking the right questions and cultivating the habit of awareness go a long way towards doing this. While you may never have to deal with a dictator in your time, there are always others who want to take advantage of you. Show them that they made a mistake in choosing you as a target.



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