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What does it really take to succeed in the startup world? I dive into what most people don’t think of when they start a company with a long time friend of mine, Peter Liu. We go through getting over imposter syndrome, avoiding insanity and the art of catching yourself. With good times all around, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Peter’s Story 1:57

We go over how Peter got into tech and of course, the moments where he felt lost. Throughout that, he mentions several experiences, from going back to school to discovering what was meaningful for him and getting into freelancing. We discuss a new breed of entrepreneurs that have been coming out into the scene and why he enjoys working with them.

Finding Direction 7:04

As someone who has felt very lost, Peter shares a few gems when it comes to finding some direction for yourself. He goes over what has worked with him, namely really putting himself out there. Even though it sounds cliche, he has found this to be highly effective. Another key moment for him was understanding his value. Find out how Peter built his confidence while defeating imposter syndrome at the same time. What’s the coolest part? His company has self awareness.

Emotional Intelligence for Early Stage Startups 18:10

Should you try to be right? We use that to dive into Peter’s take on emotional intelligence. Given the fast paced life of a new startup, tensions run high sometimes. What’s an emotionally intelligent reaction? Another great point Peter brought up is how EQ helps save both your business and yourself from insanity. We bring up a common pitfall that many entrepreneurs fall into and discover Peter’s favorite method of sidestepping it.




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