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What kind of relationship do coaches have with emotional intelligence? This episodes explores that dynamic, debunks a few popular myths about coaching and provides a framework for whether or not you should look into coaching for yourself.

Emotional Intelligence and Coaching – 4:24

When you look into the different clusters of emotional intelligence, you start to see a trend emerge. That trend is the power of perspective. And when it comes to giving you perspective, there is no one better than the coach.

Even beyond the ability to create a trusting partnership with high potentials, the coach also helps to shift perspective, unblock negative stories and primes the mind. There is a link between problem solving and perspective, one that most people usually overlook. But not the coach.

Also, guess who are some famous icons who regularly worked with coaches.

The Four Myths of Coaching – 11:46

As a way of defining what the coach is, let’s compare the coach to several other roles, the mentor, the boss and the therapist. At the end, I share some surprising statistics about how effective coaching really is to the rest of the world.

How to Consider Getting a Coach – 15:57

If you ask me if you should get a coach, my answer isn’t going to be a yes. I can confidently tell you that because you need to consider several things for a coach to be the right move for you.

From the costs to whether or not you are “coachable”, you have to do some thinking and due diligence before you hire a coach. There are a lot of coaches who say they can coach. If you do your homework, you will save yourself time and money.



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