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In this episode, I explore several areas where emotional intelligence makes a direct impact. EI is often seen as a soft skill, making it hard to measure and improve upon. But there are still many situations where its application determines the level of success you will see.

Sales – 1:35

In the past, the ABCs of sales were “Always Be Closing”. Now sales is a different ballgame with the amount of information buyers have at their disposal. I explore how closely tied Attunement, part of the new ABCs of sales, is to emotional intelligence and what gets in the way of it.

Career Setbacks – 5:57

Your career takes a ton of investment of your time and effort. That is why a setback can be quite painful. Here I explore how someone with low EQ would respond, referencing several human biases, and compare that against how someone with high EQ would respond. Guess which one sets him or herself up better for future success?

Entrepreneurial Hell – 12:54

Many great companies now exist only after overcoming some dire circumstances, where they were only an inch away from toppling over the cliff into closing shop. For the leaders of those companies, those times were a hurricane of fear, doubt and uncertainty. Here we explore one such moment in the history of Zappos and how its CEO, Tony Hsieh, handled multiple encounters with imminent company shutdown.

EQ Protip –  16:38

What kind of impact does your ego have on your level of success? Find out what it can cost you, how it limits you and what you can do to prevent that.



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