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In this episode, I dive into the fascinating dynamic between personality and emotional intelligence with Ilya Usorov, a founder who is revolutionizing the way we do hiring. We explore his process and what many people or companies don’t consider when it comes to people management.

We go over a ton of value bombs, such as:

The Story of Day 100 – 1:48

What is Day100 and how did this all start? Find out how Ilya’s experience really drove him to explore a whole new world and draw from its wealth of knowledge to create a business around his thesis.

Why Some Teams Don’t Click and How to Predict The Ones Who Do –  8:43

There is a lot to consider when it comes to culture. How do you account for it? How do you quantify it so you have data to base your decisions off from? Day100 has a well thought process when it comes to answering these questions and they can make the difference in how well your employees perform.

Thoughts on Growth and Change Over Time – 13:29

The area of growth and change in regards with personality is still a growing but fascinating field. Even so, there is a relationship here between personality and EQ. Here we find out Ilya’s thoughts about self awareness, even diving a little into his own introspection.

Behavior vs Personality – 24:15

There is a difference between who you are and how you act. That distinction may be paper thin at times but it is under your control. Ilya gives an unique perspective when it comes to changing and working on your behavior. Change is hard for anyone, so having different approaches always helps.

The Impact of EQ Hiring – 30:14

Ilya shares a few stories about his experiences. From the success stories even to the times where people didn’t abide by the research and the software, you can see just how much of an impact this improved approach to hiring can have on a business. Your people are often your biggest investment and Ilya showcases how this can make that investment more efficient and sustainable.




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