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How do you actually find a passion? From graduation speeches to your favorite celebrities, everyone says to find your passion. But no one actually tells you how to do it. But what if you could put a framework on this? What if there was an actual science towards finding your passion? Turns out, there is. Find out today on this episode.

The Origins of Passion – 3:27

Where does passion come from? Here’s a little secret, passions don’t come out of nowhere. You don’t suddenly wake up one day and declare something to be your passion. That actually does more harm than good. Passions have a pre-evolved form, which everyone has. Can you guess what it is?

Framework of Interests – 8:14

When it comes to developing an interest, there are several stages. The first couple of stages are fairly situational as you need to be naturally interested. But the hard part comes afterwards. What does it really take to develop an interest into a passion?



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