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Self sabotage. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re doing it. Other times, we even wish for it. Is that really what we do sometimes? Is that where denial comes from? We explore all of that in this episode. Find out the more common kind of denial that even you go through and what you do sometimes to make the world make sense.

What Creates Implicatory Denial – 3:08

What is the more common form of denial? It’s not the one you’re thinking of. There are several components to this lesser known form of denial where the person knows what they are denying. From helplessness to guilt, these reasons are quite human and as such, they are difficult to notice and to change. Can you guess what they are?

The Easy Way Out; The Harder Path Up – 10:36

What are other tools we deploy when the world screws us over? There is one very common result. But when you compare that against your dreams and goals, do you want to stay there forever? If you keep listening, there are a few solutions that can completely change your perspective whenever you hit hard times after hard times.

What Happens When You Face The Uncomfortable – 14:57

How does your mindset change when you’ve built up your grittiness? There are certain questions you start to ask. There are certain realizations you have about yourself and those around you. You are not alone and you don’t need to beat yourself up. I believe that you’re the type to keep growing and that you are more than capable of facing your weaknesses.



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