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What is purpose? How do you get one? Is it really worth having? You might know that having a purpose is something you’d want but do you what it really takes to find one? As we go into some counter-intuitive research, you can pick up a few scientifically proven tips to find your own. Spoiler alert – it’s not going to be easy. But that makes it all the more worth it.

Why Does Purpose Matter?

If you care about your health, your emotional well-being and your career, then it turns out finding a purpose can be pretty darn important. From living longer to even helping others find meaning to help them with their work, purpose is a crucial factor.

How Do You Find One?

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: no matter what the job is, a third of the people in that job find the work meaningful in some way. Why is that? How can you get there? There are actually various ways but they all involve work. And sometimes that work can even take you to your dream job, as it did in the case of a VC.



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