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What do you do when you feel like you’re making no progress towards your goals? This can be a common feeling for anyone, regardless of if they run their own business or work towards a better career. Here are a few perspectives you can use to shift your mindset and get things rolling again.

Self Awareness Once Again – 2:00

How stuck are you really? If you think you might be too stuck in your own head to objectively assess your situation, then developing some self awareness might help. So what is the one of the best ways here to do so? Perspective, perspective, perspective. And find out how you can protect yourself by having some.

Focus on Effort, not Results – 6:01

Here we explore the difference between active and passive questions. This unlocks what we are really in control in: our efforts. If that is the case, where should our focus be on? This shift in perspective might be what you need to remember what is important.

Plateaus are OK – 8:47

Stagnation isn’t fun, especially because it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere. But what if that’s ok? Patience is an important factor here and there is a neurological reason why you should have some!

Be Curious About Curiosity – 12:12

We all grew up with various lessons about curiosity. But the spirit of this can unlock so much perspective. From creating movies to improving your personal relationships, this is the key to adding some spice to your stagnation.

Bonus Tip: Consistency! 15:25

Regardless of what perspective helps you the most, the key is to stick with what you are doing. You might be surprised at how much of an impact your environment and the people around you can have on this. Here’s how to use those to your advantage.



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