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What does bitcoin and EQ have to do with each other? Unexpectedly, there is a lot to talk about here when bitcoin represents change and all the craziness that comes along with innovation. When it comes down to it, humans are at the heart of the matter, whether it’s why blockchains were invented or how people react to change. This may be a good time to develop some self-awareness!

Reacting to Change – 4:21

How do you usually react to change? How about your team? When it comes to why everyone reacts differently, we can deploy the skill of empathy here. From leaders to countries celebrating their 50 year anniversary, there are more perspectives to consider here than you’d normally expect.

To Skill or Not To Skill – 9:39

New skills follow innovation. This make for great opportunities to ask yourself whether or not your skillset and strengths are meant to be static. What if you made yourself static? I take upon a new challenge this year, one I’ve never conquered before, and I want you to do the same for yourself. Go on, I dare you.

Groupthink – 14:18

Where there is hype, there are hordes of people rushing to benefit from the latest craze. I dive into one of the more famous historical instances of this. Then I tie it to what we’re currently going through, as well as why a little trick I use to keep my self awareness up. Let’s admit it, peer pressure isn’t all that great.



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