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What did a dragon make me realize about complacency? Quite a bit actually! With a story that struck me to the core, I realized the dark side of human adaptability. To counter that, I talk about self disruption and some of the elements that go into that. If you’re looking to break out of feeling stagnant, this will be the show for you.

The Story That Had No Heroes – 2:25

In most typical fire breathing/evil dragon stories, there are heroes that come to slay the dragon. Those stories have happy endings. But what if there were no heroes. How do people adapt? The answer is actually far scarier than you could have imagined, yet very typical.

Self Disruption – 7:26

Taking from the lessons of the dragon fable, we go into several elements of self disruption to help you knock complacency out of the park. From taking the right kind of risks to understanding your strengths, you are bound to take away some new food for thought, which hopefully leads to a recipe for action.

Learning Curves – 17:46

Invest in loss is a term from the Art of Learning. If a former grandmaster can allow himself to get thrown into a wall hundreds of times to make it past the beginner level, why can’t you stay the course for a bit longer? Growth is not linear at all; instead it is much more exponential. Don’t give up too early. But also recognize when you’ve reached the end of one. Because if you do and you stay there, that’s when you become complacent again.



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