Case Study – Creating A Culture To Scale A Business

Meet Kevin Urrutia.

When it comes to figuring out the systems behind growing a business, the only title worthy of him is that of a wizard. He is a serial entrepreneur, doing everything from digital advertising to a nationwide cleaning service.

However with that kind of scale, he knew that he also had to step up his game as a leader. No mattered how much he learned or how good he was, he couldn’t do everything alone. And he couldn’t just hire anybody: they had to be the right fit. Or in his case, fit into the culture he envisioned.

His love of learning then turned towards creating the right culture as a leader and with it, an interest in working with a coach.

“I thought a coach would be good because I was looking for someone to talk with, someone with experience and with a different perspective. I’m always there by myself and I don’t really know what the right answers are all the time.”

When it comes to creating a high performance culture, having catabolic tensions in the office doesn’t make for great relationships or productivity either. As we worked together, Kevin took matters into his hands. Though it wasn’t easy, change ensued.

“It’s definitely helped productivity go up. Especially since company culture affects everything, if everybody is happier at work, [they] feel much better coming to work. It also means they will also work much more efficiently…Everyone is more excited so everyone gets even more excited to do more work and go onto the next thing together.”

My work isn’t consulting. I don’t go in, audit your problems and give you a checklist of actions to take. What I did with Kevin was help him discover the perspective to hone his leadership style and tie his actions to business results. Behaviors are systems and we figured out the right ones for the culture he wanted. His job was to rise up to the occasion and execute on it.

And he nailed it.

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