What This Means:

You are a rock, with a solid understanding of your emotions, their origins and how to manage them. Even when situations turn dire, you alone remain under control because you know panic never did anyone any good. Why worry about something not under your control? It makes more sense to you to focus on what you can do. This makes you very reliable in the eyes of others.

You possess the ability to step outside of a situation and reflect on why you react the way to do. You approach those kind of situations with a curiosity that keeps negative feelings from doing any real damage.

Having this emotional intelligence also allows you to be very adaptable. You’re more comfortable than most people at handling change and times of uncertainty. Because of this, you can seize opportunities whereas others would rather wait and lose out.

Above all, this is what gives you grit. A common trait of many successful people is the ability to be resilient and not be crushed by failure. Even when you are met with setbacks, you can get back up and keep persisting.

How Can This Help You?

There will always be surprises and sometimes they’re not the ones you like. But if you can master this emotional intelligence, you can traverse the ever changing geography of the market without losing your way. Ignore what you have no influence over and focus on the actions you can take right now. With steady and persistent progress, you’ll go much further than others.

What About The Other Kinds of Emotional Intelligence?

Self Awareness:

This is the ability to truly understand yourself. People with this know what their strengths and weaknesses are. They don’t lie to themselves because they are confident in being themselves. They are still subject to human bias but they do their best to use different perspectives to be objectives. They also understand what values drive them.

Why You Might Want To Develop This:

Without a clear understanding of yourself, you might be taking a much harder path than you have to. In building a business, you often have to wear multiple hats. But if you’re weaker at some and stronger in others, how much more efficient would you be if you could outsource your weaknesses and focus on your strengths? Without understanding that, you could be spinning your wheels for awhile. You are also guaranteed to run into big decisions. Having a incorrigible value system will make sure you don’t regret those decisions.


This is the ability to expand one’s perspective to include the thought patterns and feelings of others. You can never really put yourself completely into the shoes of another but having empathy is the closest you can get. This is the understanding that you think the way you do because of how you grew up and you apply that to others as well. Even when you can’t understand someone else’s opinion or feelings, you know that is because you haven’t lived their past. By respecting and accepting that about themselves, you give others the space to be themselves.

Why You Might Want To Develop This:

Without this, any leader or entrepreneur will reach a ceiling they can’t break past. The beauty of empathy is that it can also be applied from a sales perspective. Without getting out of your own head and into the heads of your customers, you won’t sell. Aside from that, regardless of whether you scale your business or grow your career, empathy is a core foundation of leadership skills. Without it, few would willingly follow you.

Relationship Management:

This is the ability to create change within others. People who develop this are strong team players and live for the group synergy moments. They also tend to be persuasive, which helps them during times of conflict or change. They also go out of their way to help bring out the potential of others.

Why You Might Want To Develop This:

Any great endeavor is done with a group of people. But what comes with working with a group of people? Constant conflict, the need to develop others over time and managing change are just a few of the major headaches one has to face in a group. If you are not equipped for this, you’ll soon reach a limit in what you can do by yourself.

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