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If you were to give a speech to new college graduates, what would you say? That is exactly what went through my mind at my little brother’s graduation. Not surprisingly, what I would say is very different than what you hear at most universities. Here is what I would say.

The Significance Of Hard Work – 2:00

The reason why the end doesn’t always justify the means is because when you truly earn something, it means you have the ability to. To always keep honing your skills and maintain that mindset goes a much longer way than a diploma. Being able to put in the work to be that awesome helps you in any venture, including finding your passion.

What To Actually Focus On – 7:22

Some people seem to graduate with everything figured out and others with nothing figured out. Both types of people end up having to redefine almost everything in their lives. So what’s the pressure in having to know everything right now? Instead this is the best time to try different things and explore how you react to them. Thoughts turn into reality and you can test this directly on your goals.

Inner Critic, Comparing Yourself To Others And Optimizing Yourself – 11:00

What are common but flawed thoughts that new graduates carry around with them? When you turn away from those and focus on optimizing yourself, you’ll find that everything else comes easier. You stop never learning and that includes learning about yourself. Hint, here are some topics to study.


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