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The two questions today are based on two very common struggles that I’ve seen as a coach. They are delegation and listening. I give some different perspectives because you’ve probably endless listicles on both of these. So take a listen and see what you can apply to your own life. Enjoy!

Dealing With Delegating Work For The First Time – 1:30

When you get good at what you do, it can be hard to pass your work off to someone else to do. They are most likely not going to be at your level since you’re much further along the learning curve. But with deadlines and other pressures, what can you do to improve your delegation skills and also help develop your team? That’s what this first question is all about.

What Listening Really Means and Other Perspectives – 9:59

What most people think is listening isn’t really listening at all. Try this exercise that I mention in my answer and you’ll realize whether or not you’re really a listener. And while it may seem like people aren’t listening to you, there might also be a gap in communication somewhere that could also play a factor in why the level of understanding isn’t at the level you want.


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