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This is the first of a brand new series within the Hidden Strengths podcast! If you’re a subscriber, a fan of the show or just a curious person, ask me any questions you may have to emotional intelligence or coaching. Now is your chance to be more involved with the show and allow me to help you out on a more personal level.

A Coworker Who You Love But Not Really – 1:07

Even in the public education system, difficult coworkers are everywhere. As I dive into Julianna’s question about how to respond to a coworker who seems easily offended, we go over several concepts from victim mindset to empathy. As she so wisely stated, these concepts are helpful both in business and outside of it. Does this coworker remind you of anyone in your life and

What To Give Up And What to Double Down On – 9:18

This is the golden question of your adult life. When you have so many balls in the air along with so many interests, how do you manage it all while being happy with your goals? Such a nuanced question deserves a nuanced answer. Listen to this and see if you can reflect on your own life here.


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