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This episode goes real deep as we explore the topics of addiction and trauma as it relates to emotional intelligence. There are some surprising insights that will get you thinking about what has impacted you in the past. And while you won’t find the cure for addictions here, you will come away with questions worth spending some time over.

Defining Addiction – 4:23

What is the definition of addiction? How do addictions form in your brain? There’s some interesting science behind it that explains why people react the way they do. Hint: our favorite hormone, dopamine, makes a comeback in this episode.

What Could Be The Real Cause of Addiction – 7:02

Thanks to another podcast interview I’ve heard, there might be a cause for addiction that not many people think about. Why? Because most people try to treat the symptoms rather than the causes. When you explore what the possible causes are, so much starts to make sense.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence – 11:27

Emotional intelligence is not going to enough to help someone with an addiction. But there is a link here and developing your EQ can certainly help. The main reason is because it helps you think about certain automatic emotional reactions. These may contribute towards self medication and so, they are worth exploring.



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