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What is a better measure of success? Adaptability or emotional intelligence? This question led to quite an interesting rabbit hole of research studies. In case you’re wondering what adaptability really is, its dynamics with emotional intelligence and how to improve it, this episode will be the perfect fit for you.

Defining Adaptability – 3:15

What really is adaptability when it comes to your work or career? There is a lot of ground to cover here but through the different dimensions we get from research, we can start to put together a picture of what it means to be adaptable. From an internal locus of control to problem solving under stress, there are more than a few ways to measure your AQ.

The Origin of Adaptability – 10:26

Do you think your brain has stopped growing after you’ve become an adult? Be prepared to be amazed. When put into extraordinary situations, like one famous study saw, the brain can change quite a bit. The real question now, is whether or not you are willing to grow.

Ramping Up Your AQ – 13:00

If you take a look at people who react well to change and those who don’t, there is one defining feature. Not genetics, not culture, not demographics or anything else. There is one factor and it comes with emotional intelligence.



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